Shipping Services

Listed below are some of the shipping services we can provide.

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Crew Payroll

Provision of international state of the art payroll platform through our network of offices enable crew payroll and management to be effected in real time.  This can be achieved through specifically designed corporate structures or group payroll entities.


Additionally we can provide a full spectrum of crew payroll management through onshore and offshore solutions.


Yacht Registration

In the specialised area of yacht registration we provide global facilities for the registration of yachts in the most appropriate jurisdiction.  We are also able to provide advice in relation to suitable ownership structures and through our offices can arrange for the formation of trusts or corporate entities as required for this purpose.


Where clients purchase a vessel which is registered in an unsuitable or unstable jurisdiction we can provide services to transfer the vessel and management to a more appropriate location. 


Yacht Management

Owning a yacht can be administratively complex and time consuming, it is important to have persons with expertise to manage the running of the vessel. Clients often need to be guided through the legal and regulatory requirements that come with yacht ownership and we are also able to assist in this regard.


We also provide administration services and where necessary structures in relation to managing charter income and split owner user time.