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With its pure size and geographical layout the USA certainly has a lot of choices to offer when it comes to considering an Low tax US Company Incorporation. There are many ways that a corporation can be identified. The four forms that are valid in all fifty states are ‘Corporation’, ‘Incorporation’ and the abbreviations ‘Corp’ and ‘Inc’.

The America’s are considered a relatively new country as it is generally accepted that these were only discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. A very conceited view by the Westerners as there is no dispute that this is in fact not true as there were native people already there, although by no means as socially and technologically advanced as the European settlers that flocked to America in the 16th and 17th centuries. By the 1770’s there were thirteen British colonies in America due to the high levels of immigration, The British Parliament assumed authority over these. Each colony had slightly different governmental structures although typically they were ruled by a governor appointed from London to control the executive administration. 

This governor would rely upon locally elected legislature to vote taxes and make laws. Independence was not sought from Britain as the colonies relied upon British military support against the French and Spanish, but as these threats dissipated Britain would quickly lose its control over these colonies by angering the Americans by imposing taxes without going through the colonial legislatures which the Americans felt was unconstitutional. This quickly spiraled into a fully fledged war which led to the colonies declaring independence from Britain in 1776 officially forming the United States of America. After a fairly turbulent time due to conflicts and weak federal government a new Constitution was finally adopted in 1789 which was to become the basis of the United States Federal Government today. The Monroe Doctrine which came about in 1823 proclaimed the United States opinion that European powers should no longer colonize or interfere in the Americas.

The USA was mainly formed by conflict during this period, none more bloody or influential than the American Civil War. The result of this war was that the South was to remain very poor in relation to the North until the second half of the 20th century, whilst the North was to make the United States a leading industrial power at the turn of the 20th century thanks to a burst of entrepreneurship and further arrivals of immigrant workers from Europe.

The USA has led the way on democracy and equal rights in particular when it comes to women and minority groups. Despite initially shying away from military conflicts in Europe the USA has always ended up being dragged into the fray, in World War I by Germany cutting off supplies from America to Britain and in World War II by Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. The USA’s subsequent involvement has led to their domination of various peace Conferences in Europe. It was thanks to World War II that led to the dramatic increase in economic output of the USA. In 1949 the US abandoned its policy of no military alliances in peacetime and formed NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). NATO has subsequently become involved in numerous disputes in Europe and continues today.

After World War II the USA was to emerge as a superpower only opposed by the Soviet Union, leading to the Cold War and the arms and space race. The Cold War ended in 1991 leaving the USA as the only superpower. The United States is a global influence in economic, political, military, cultural and technological affairs.

Corporate Advantages of the US

The US is the largest economy in the world. Its respected parliament and modern infrastructure make it a desirable jurisdiction for persons looking to have a certain reputable image associated with their company. The US also offers comprehensive banking solutions, it is much easier to open a corporate account in the US for a US company than a foreign company. 
The US has over fifty jurisdictions to choose from each with their own attractive qualities and advantages – Learn more regarding the benefits of a US company

Taxes do differ from state to state and so should be looked at properly before making any decisions when incorporating a US company – Learn more about capital gains in the US

The US has numerous double taxation treaties in effect with various countries worldwide – Learn more regarding double taxation treaties in the US

US Company Registration and Laws

Incorporation is handled by the state governments generally by a department under the Secretary of State and therefore requirements and law differ depending on the detailed requirements that vary according to state law. – Learn more regarding US Company Registration and Laws 

American Banks 

American Banks are amongst the most respected in the world. Banking regulations differ significantly from other jurisdictions as they are regulated at both federal and state level with numerous agencies established to govern different aspects of banking – Learn more about American Banks 

US Taxes

The United States do not have VAT or stamp duty. They do however have various alternative taxes that differ considerably from state to state – Learn more about Taxes in the US 

US Trusts

Most law relating to the administration and regulation of trusts is at State Level. However, in 2004 the National Conference of Commissioners created a uniform statutory code for the fifty states called the Uniform Trust Code in an effort to align common law principles. Twenty five states have since adopted this code albeit most with some minor changes or exceptions. – Learn more about specific types of US Trusts

US Intellectual Property

The United States is very serious about its IP laws seeing other countries copying US inventions such as software as a threat to US jobs and a serious leak in the US economy. The United States Patent and Trademark Office which is an agency of the department of Commerce are responsible for overseeing all matters relating to Intellectual Property. It has various offices with specific functions, some for the public’s benefit and some to benefit the organisation itself.

The US views Intellectual Property as an important international competitive advantage and therefore is constantly negotiating, implementing and monitoring to improve this. This commitment to Intellectual Property makes the US a serious contender when considering incorporating an offshore company where intellectual property is a factor. – Learn more about US Intellectual Property 

US Residency

Despite immigration being responsible for its origins and shaping its culture today the US takes its immigration laws very seriously. In order to reside in the US you need a United States Permanent Resident Card formerly known as an Alien Registration Card, this is also informally known as a Green Card. If you have a green card you are entitled to take any job or run any business. This also allows you to retire and live anywhere in the US. – Learn more about US Residency

Chesterfield and The US

Chesterfield has had an office in San Francisco for the past six years. We are familiar with various jurisdiction requirements including Delaware, Florida and New York. We can help you every step of the way from initial structuring including tax structuring and Asset Protection. To Incorporating a US Company, Opening a Bank Account, Providing corporate Services including dealing with the various state departments and EIN registration.