Norway is an attractive location for international contractors.  It is located in Northern Europe in the western portion of the Scandinavia region.

English is widely spoken but the official Language is Norwegian or Norsk.  The currency used in Norway is the Norwegian Kroner.

Taxation Issues

All residents of Norway are required to register their presence with the local authorities. As soon as you live in Norway for 183 days you may be considered resident in Norway for tax purposes from the date of your arrival. The tax year and the calendar year run from January to December. 

Income tax and social security taxes in Norway are quite high but these pay for a number of high quality public sector services. Tax law in Norway is quite straightforward and employees of Norwegian companies get taxed at source.

It is always preferable for the first time resident in Norway to seek professional assistance before filing their tax returns.

The Contract Market

The majority of the contract market in Norway is based in Oslo and Bergen.  Work is available within a number of industries in Norway and there are a lot of international workers based there. 

It is the 2nd largest exporter of seafood in the world, trailing only to the People’s Republic of China and was rated the most peaceful country in the world in a survey conducted by the Global Peace Index in 2007.         

Relocating to Norway

This is a wide range of good quality rental accommodation available in Norway. Rental prices are reasonable compared with the rest of Europe.

For those who like winter sports it is also an ideal location with a wide range of activities available at affordable prices.

Traveling to Norway

Norway is most easily accessible by air. Other forms of travel are widely available but can be quite long winded depending on your starting point.

It also has a very good infrastructure of public transport making it simple for commuters.