Italy is located in the South of Europe bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.  It also houses two states, the Vatican City and Monaco.  The official language is Italian but some regions have their own language and dialect, English is widely spoken.

It does not have a huge appeal for contractors due to its laws on temporary labour, but there are lucrative opportunities to be had.

Taxation Issues

Italian taxation is relatively straightforward; individuals may be regarded as tax residents if they are registered with the Italian civil registry for the majority of the tax year, if their centre of fundamental interests is in Italy or if their habitual residence is in Italy.  Salary tax is withheld at source.  Residents of Italy may be taxed on their worldwide income whereas non-residents are only taxed on Italian source income.

There are progressive tax rates payable but regional and municipal taxes may also apply in some areas.  Some expenses are deductible and can be reclaimed on your tax return.

The Contract Market

The majority of the contract market in Italy is based in the fields of IT, Telecoms, Oil and Gas.  There are also contracts available in the fashion industry.

There are few opportunities available but those that are can be very rewarding.

Relocating to Italy

Italy has a lot to offer.  It has a colourful history and is famous for its architecture and fine art.  Rome, The Vatican City and Venice are particularly fine examples of this.  There is also a thriving and vibrant fashion scene in Milan.

It has differing regions all with their own unique charm.

Traveling to Italy

Italy is easily accessible by plane or rail. There are many competitively priced travel routes available.

If you would prefer to drive to Italy it is reachable from almost any point in Mainland Europe.