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Contracting in the Netherlands Holland

If you are considering contracting in the Netherlands, why not talk to us at Chesterfield Management to see how we can help you make the most out of your contract. 
At Chesterfield Management we specialise in dealing with expatriates and outside the United Kingdom & Germany, it is one of Europe’s most popular locations for English speaking contractors. Many of our contractors have been located there at one time or another. Holland is one of the most popular contract locations in Europe. The Dutch Contracting market has been virtually immune from the effects of the global economic downturn and the market is always buoyant. Holland has a central role as the Gateway to Europe”, with the port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port and fourth largest worldwide and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, a major European airfreight and passenger hub. It has a vibrant IT contract market, particularly in the banking and insurance sectors.
Our Local Expertise 

Our local knowledge and expertise can help you navigate through the system. The Dutch system of taxation and social security is complex and rates of tax and social security to be paid can be high. Understanding options such as the 30 percent ruling and how to utilise them can significantly increase net income for IT contractors in Holland. Here at Chesterfield, we have schemes in place that give you these options and our experience with the Dutch system means that you can be confident that we can use that understanding and experience to ensure you are taking home the maximum levels of income possible. What’s more, if you contract through an agency, they will expect that you understand the rules and regulations, and that is where our International Contractor Managers can help you complete your contract negotiations and start working.

Mostly our contractors come from within the EU & EEA and its citizens can, for the most part, contract in Holland without the need for a work permit and this is reviewed here by following the link to our Residency and Registration Section. 
IT Contracting in Holland can be a very lucrative proposition compared to being a permanent employee in other markets and it’s not just IT Contractors that we provide services too; we deal with engineers, technicians, bankers, and Pharma. In fact, wherever contracting professionals supply their expertise or agencies supply personnel. 
Our Dutch Contract Management Solutions 

As a management company contractor, you can expect to earn significantly more than if you are a permanent employee in Holland. And by using Chesterfield’s Umbrella Company solutions we can assist you in being compliant with local procedures, whilst maximising your income. The rules in Holland in relation to taxation are highly complex and subject to frequent changes. An agency or client can withhold payment in full or part, if they are not satisfied that you are operating in a fully compliant way. Chesterfield Management will take over the management of your contract with your agency with a solution tailored to provide you with maximum income retention and cash flow, while ensuring you are fully compliant regarding all taxation matters.
Chesterfield Management can provide a full range of Umbrella Company Services for those contracting in Holland including applications for the 30% Ruling an important tax concession available to knowledge based professionals who move to the Netherlands to work..
The basic purpose of an umbrella company is to manage the relationship between your agency or client and you. The umbrella company will take up the contract and your payments are filtered through them. The company acts as an intermediary between you and your clients; collecting payments from them and processing them onwards to you.
Chesterfield Management will discuss your personal circumstances and guide you through the process so you can contract successfully in Holland.
The Basics Explained 
As a contractor in Holland, understanding the basics of Holland Income tax and social security is essential if you are going to be contracting in the country. Due to the extremely high taxes levied on permanent employed IT Contracting in Holland is an option favoured by both employees and companies. You can find more information on these by clicking on these links for Dutch Social Security and Dutch Income Tax.
Irrespective of the length of your stay within Holland, there are a number of residency and immigration procedures that need to be followed in order that you can handle the various administrative tasks that are part of living and contracting in Holland, and our friendly and helpful staff is on hand for these, such as opening a Dutch Bank Account outlined here in Banking in Holland.
Chesterfield Management specialises in dealing with International and expatriate contractors and can discuss with you. We have expertise in dealing with Dutch contract management, and local knowledge due to our local experts in place.
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