Work Abroad

If your company has contractors that work abroad, managing them can be quite a chore, because there are many details that must be taken care of. Some examples are payroll, taxation, visas, and accommodation for your contractors. You will do well to use an expert service to manage your personnel that work abroad, and if this is what you have been looking for online, then you will be delighted at the services offered by the Chesterfield Group. We handle all the difficult issues for your business if you operate an overseas branch anywhere in Europe, with an expert team at your disposal, as well as a full package of services like our Tech-suite, developed for contractors that work abroad and businesses that have overseas operations.

The Chesterfield Group already helps numerous clients manage their operations, and contractors that work abroad, covering the important issues of taxation and other financial responsibilities that must be taken care of. Working without overseas assistance from a professional company can land your business and the contractor that works for you in trouble. Keeping your personnel that work abroad happy means making sure their financial needs are properly taken care of, while it also ensuring that your business operation abroad also runs smoothly. Many IT services are outsourced to clients in other countries, and numerous contractors work abroad to provide support, technical expertise, and implementation solutions for business.

The Tech-Suite package we offer is an expert advisory service for those who work abroad, including assistance with offshore banking, accounting, VAT registration, fee collections, and national insurance. We help individual contractors that work abroad, as well as businesses that operate branches overseas, and you can read a list of our professional services we have available on this website. Read some details of the requirements of first time contractors that are considering working abroad, and you will see the advantage of our tech suite, which includes no start up costs or compliance responsibilities. We have conveniently located branches at a number of locations like the USA, UK, Cyprus and Ireland, for example, with management offices also worldwide for your convenience. Look forward to results driven services dedicated to client satisfaction when you work through the Chesterfield Group!

No matter what overseas operations you are looking for, let The Chesterfield Group help you run them smoothly and seamlessly. For contractors that work abroad, use our services with complete peace of mind that all the difficult financial issues and compliancy are properly taken care of, through the right legal channels. We even assist contractors that work abroad with invoicing, shipping and international banking. You can contact us by using the details provided choosing the type of business issues you wish to discuss, for contractors that work abroad or branches you have for your business in other countries. Look forward to personalized, cost effective services from the professionals, for your peace of mind smooth operations. You will find our Tech-Suite services package indispensable for any type of overseas operations