Offshore Service

For the business owner who has realized the advantage of an offshore formation, the Chesterfield Group is able to offer several types of Offshore Services, which includes assisting with the formation of an offshore company, setting up of Offshore Trusts, as well as the administration and banking for the Offshore Company. In terms of banking, the types of offshore banking Services which are provided include online banking services, check books, term deposits, and letters of credits, portfolio management, credit and debit cards as well as trust accounts and pension schemes. Before a decision is made to enlist the services of the Chesterfield Group to offer an Offshore Service in regards to setting up an Offshore Trading Company, a number of factors must be taken into account and it is also vital to understand what an Offshore Company is what it entails. Simply put, an Offshore company is a company formed outside of the borders of the home-country of the business owner, and the reason why many business owners choose to utilize an Offshore Service offered by Chesterfield Group and set up an Offshore Trading Company is due to the business laws and tax laws which are in place in the host country. Many foreign countries realize that by attracting foreign investment, they can grow their country's economy and in the same vein, the company will be able to offer local people employment and as such, the Offshore Company is offered at zero tax or low tax benefits. In addition to enjoying tax benefits, the company could enjoy other benefits, such as a lucrative business climate, political stability as well as asset protection. In order to view the Offshore Service choices which are offered by the Chesterfield Group, visit our comprehensive website.

The Chesterfield Group Offshore Service choices include setting up a registered office for the Trading Company, along with registered agent services in the countries that our company have jurisdiction. The other Offshore Service choices which are made available to the Trading Company will include accounting services, including VAT registration, tax registration and administration. The offshore jurisdictions where the Offshore Services are offered include countries such as Cyprus, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Liberia, Madeira, Singapore and the USA along with other countries. Via the website, online users will be able to gain more information about the countries which are listed on the site. Our company has a number of years of experience as an Offshore Service provider and our experienced administrators are able to set up different types of Trading companies, such as a Liability Company, a Limited Liability, a Partnership, or a company that is limited by Guarantee.

The additional Offshore Service choices offered include, but are not limited to, the appointment of directors, company secretaries, shareholders, and we handle the international filing for the Offshore Company. Our experience together with our expertise has allowed the Chesterfield Group to gain a precise understanding of the criteria which must be met for each country and to this end, we offer the best value Offshore Service choices to the astute business owner. For more information on our range of Offshore Services, feel free to visit our website,