Offshore It Services

The Chesterfield Group offers their clients a range of corporate and trustee services, which entails the formation of Offshore companies and with our diverse experience within the realm of Offshore formations, we offer a range of value added services which can enhance the formation of an Offshore company, such as IT services and other administration services. The Offshore Formation services which are rendered by the Chesterfield Group also include the contracting of staff, property acquisitions as well as with shipping, yacht management and crew payroll services. Before business owners consider an Offshore formation, it is essential that many aspects and factors be considered and these include IT services-in a foreign country it is often difficult to source qualified and experienced IT companies, due to language barriers; however, with our Offshore IT Services, business owners are able to obtain the assurance that their IT systems will be maintained by experienced and knowledgeable staff. Other contracting services which are rendered by the Chesterfield Group include international payroll, banking, and contractor insurance.

An Offshore company is a company that is formed outside of the jurisdiction of the country of origin of the business owner, and the reason why many business owners consider an Offshore Formation is because of the relaxed business laws and tax laws which are applied in several foreign countries. Many countries have come to realize the benefits of foreign investment and to this end, they offer zero tax or no tax a company is formed on their soil. However, although the zero or no tax laws may seem very appealing, the business owner must consider other aspects of the day to day running of the company, such as Offshore IT Services, payroll and insurance. There are, however, a number benefits that are enjoyed with Offshore formations and these include risk management, good business climates, political stability, asset protection, less red-tape and improved privacy and security of property rights. Since our company is able to offer experienced Offshore IT Services, we are able to add to the benefits which comes with Offshore formations and the Chesterfield Group is determined to aid business owners in several offshore jurisdictions by offering Offshore IT Services in countries which includes Cyprus Dubai, Cayman Islands, Singapore, Madeira, Liberia, and the Isle of Man, among several others.

Our Group has offices which are based around the world and for the business owner who is keen to go through our wide range of services, such as the Offshore IT Services which are rendered to Offshore Companies, our website provides full details. Our company will aid with the contracting of qualified staff who will give value to the Offshore Company and other than Offshore IT Service, we help with the acquisition of property. Essentially, our services will simplify the task of an offshore formation and at the same time our Offshore IT Services will be able to satisfy the day to day running of the company. The expertise of the Chesterfield Group has given them the chance to gain a clear understanding of the criteria that must be met for each country and as such, they can give valuable information to business owners who are looking into the benefits of setting up a company on foreign soil.