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At Chesterfield, we’re passionate about giving our clients the kinds of financial/business opportunities they’ve always dreamed of. Our services span across four key businesses (offshore, contracting, property,) which means that we offer the kind of unsurpassed excellence and flexibility you would never encounter anywhere else.

We want our clients to know just how important they are to us and so offer the highest quality service whilst striving to maintain the best quality products on the market while still maintaining a close professional relationship with each and every client, ensuring not only that we are completely in tune with their needs, but that they know they can trust us with every aspect of their business requirements. In today’s world, the personal touch is a feature that is fast becoming absent from business transactions.


Corporate Services

Offshore Companies, Offshore Trusts, Offshore Banking

Contracting services

International Payroll, Invoicing, Self-Employed and Employees

Property Acquisition

Property Acquisition, Management and Development

Latest Articles

Russia and Luxembourg Double Taxation Agreement

Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) are a means of reducing the tax burden on cross-investments which otherwise might be susceptible to being taxed twice on the same transaction and therefore possibly decreasing the appetite for cross border transactions and therefore hindering expanse of business.

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UAE Conclude Peace Deal With Israel

The treaty which was signed on the 15 September 2020 was formally ratified by the Israeli cabinet on the 12 October 2020 and the UAE parliament on the 15 October 2020 and is intended to remove barriers to business
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Foreign Investors to be Allowed to Invest in Debt Instruments in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has recently made announcements concerning both resident and non-resident foreigners which will enable them to be able to invest in both listed and non-listed debt instruments.
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Carried Interest Relief in Hong Kong

The Government in Hong Kong has released a consultation with regards to introducing tax concessions for carried interest distributed by private equity funds.  If approved the relief will come into effect retrospectively from 1 April 2020.
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