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Umbrella Services

Umbrella companies are a quick and convenient way for contractors and other Freelance workers to engage and trade with an agency. These are especially popular with first time contractors, because they deal with all the back office activity including signing contracts , Invoicing collecting payments and all other processing, in short they make sure that the contractor is set up correctly and legally.

Umbrella services vary from country to country and Chesterfield operate a number of different Umbrella companies for different countries and industries. Generally using umbrella services means that the contractor joins in an existing scheme and then this will save them from setting up a new company or arrangement from scratch. It has the advantage of enabling the contractor to avoid an expensive set up but more importantly, they can negotiate a contract straightaway without the expense of setting up their own entity or the complications of closing it down, if a contract is not agreed or when assignment finishes.

The most usual situation is for the umbrella company to enter into to a contract or supplier agreement with the contractors. Often the procedure would be for the existing umbrella entity to enter into a contract with the contractors client or agency. It can be, but not necessarily, that the contractor becomes an employee of the umbrella. An umbrella service usually manages the whole process from contract execution, to contract invoicing through to payment of the contractor.

Along with having a quick and easy set up method, Chesterfield umbrella companies will already have all compliance Insurance and other matters in place. When agreeing to a contract or assignment, many agencies or end users will often include insurance or adherence to certain compliance issues both in the small print. Many Employment Agencies, who deal with cross border Freelance workers within the EU insist on using pre-approved umbrella companies. The contractor will already have all compliance, insurance and other matters in place so as the contractor can complete negotiation and have the contract signed. This is very important for contractors who are currently either employed or have another assignment and who have a short window of opportunity and who also need to give notice in their role or fulfil obligations in their current assignment.

Here is how we help you:
• Easy start up that is ready to go
• Cost effective solution for short term contracts
• Pre approved schemes that agencies will work with
• Fully compliant umbrella companies , Legal and Tax efficient
• Stream lined and fast Invoicing and payment collection

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