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UK Double Taxation Treaties

Double Tax Treaties are agreements entered into between two or more countries or states designed to prevent tax being deducted twice where the same income is taxable in all states. These also provide rules concerning treatment of cross-border trade.

There are more than 2,500 Double Tax Treaties worldwide and the UK has one of the largest networks of treaties with over 120 currently in force and further treaties being negotiated. The UK has a strong commitment to encourage cross-border economic activity and to promote international trade.

A full list of double tax treaties currently in force with the UK can be found below;

Algeria                                  Faroes                                  Lebanon                              Sierra Leone

Antigua and Barbuda         Fiji                                          Lesotho                                Singapore

Argentina                            Finland                                 Libya                                      Slovak Republic

Armenia                               France                                  Liechtenstein                     Slovenia

Australia                               Gambia                                Lithuania                              Solomon Islands

Austria                                   Georgia                                Luxembourg                      South Africa

Azerbaijan                              Germany                             Macedonia                         Spain

Bahrain                                   Ghana                                   Malawi                                 Sri Lanka

Bangladesh                             Greece                                 Malaysia                              Sudan

Barbados                                 Grenada                              Malta                                    Swaziland

Belarus                                      Guernsey                            Mauritius                             Sweden

Belgium                                  Guyana                                 Mexico                                 Switzerland

Belize                                       Hong Kong                          Moldova                              Taiwan

Bolivia                                       Hungary                               Mongolia                             Tajikistan

Bosnia Herzegovina           Iceland                                 Montserrat                         Thailand

Botswana                             India                                  Morocco                              Trinidad and Tobago

Brazil                                      Indonesia                            Namibia                               Tunisia

Brunei                                    Iran                                        Netherlands                       Turkey

Bulgaria                                 Iceland                                 New Zealand                     Turkmenistan

Burma                                        Isle of Man                         Nigeria                                  Tuvalu

Cameroon                          Israel                                    Norway                                 Uganda

Canada                                        Italy                                     Oman                                    Ukraine

Cayman Islands                 Ivory Coast                         Pakistan                               USA

Chile                                      Jamaica                               Papua New Guinea            U.S.S.R

China                                     Japan                                    Philippines                          Uzbekistan

Croatia                                  Jersey                                   Poland                                  Venezuela

Cyprus                                  Jordan                                  Portugal                               Vietnam

Czech Republic                      Kazakhstan                         Qatar                                     Zaire

Denmark                                 Kenya                                   Romania                              Zambia

Egypt                                       Kiribati                                  Russia                                   Zimbabwe

Estonia                                       Korea                                    St Christopher (St. Kitts)- Nevis

Ethiopia                                 Kuwait                                  Saudi Arabia

Falkland Islands                                Latvia                                    Serbia & Montenegro

Many of these agreements have been in existence for in excess of fifty years.

Further to these agreements the UK has also signed further treaties with Brunei Darussalam, India, Germany, China, Ethiopia and Brazil which are not yet in force.

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