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Belize Offshore

Belize, formerly British Honduras, is a country located on the North Eastern coast of Central American and is the only country in that area where British is the official language.  Although English and Scottish settlers first settled in Belize in 1638 and established a logwood trade the British did not recognize this as a British settlement and appoint a superintendant until 1786 for fear of provoking a Spanish attack.  This delay allowed the settlers to establish their own laws and forms of government.  It became a British Crown Colony in 1862 after the emancipation of Central America from Spanish rule.  Britain granted British Honduras self-government in 1964 and it was officially renamed Belize in 1973.  Belize finally gained independence on 21 September 1981, although Guatemala refused to recognize this new nation and British troops had to remain to protect it. 

The government is based on the British parlimentary system and the legal system is modeled on the Common law of England.  Belize has a parliamentary democracy where the major commercial centre is Belize City. The administrative capital is Belmopan. Executive Authority is exercised by the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Belize is a private enterprise economy where it was generally an exporter of agricultural produce, however tourism and construction also now play important roles. The finance sector is expanding.

The International Business Company Act of 1990 enabled the formation of the offshore business company, which is used by non-residents for their international trading and investment purposes. It must generally conduct its activities outside of Belize although a limited number of onshore activities are permitted. Other forms of company are the Limited Life Company, introduced by the Limited Life Companies Act 1999 and the protected cell company.  Belize has several double tax treaties including UK, Sweden, Denmark as well as several countries of the Caribbean Community.  Belizean IBC’s are specifically exempted from any form of income tax, capital gains tax or transaction tax.  They can conduct business in any foreign currency free from Belizean government regulation or restriction.  Whilst Belize is on the OECD grey list as a tax haven they have made substantial progress which has been noted by the OECD and are nearing being moved off this to the white list.  Belize has a modern computerized registry and is capable of incorporating a company within one hour

Belize offshore company regulations
Type of entity IBC
Type of law Common
Corporate taxation Nil
Double taxation treaties available No
Share Capital
Usual currency U.S.$
Permitted currencies Any
Minimum paid up Usually $1 but no par value and bearer shares allowed
Usual authorised $50,000
Minimum number 1
Local resident required No
Records publicly available No
Corporate Director allowed Yes 
Shareholders / Members
Minimum number 1
Records publicly available No
Location of  meetings Anywhere
Company Secretary
Required No
Local or qualified N/A 
Required Yes
Audit required No
Filing required No
Publicly available No
Annual return required No
Change of domicile permitted Yes
Shelf company available No
Time to incorporate shelf co N/A
Time to incorporate new co 1-3 working days 

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