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Dubai Registry & Laws

The laws which govern offshore companies in Dubai have been specifically designed to promote stability, profitability and confidentiality in order to attract business to Dubai.

Dubai’s offshore environment is made up of more than twenty free zones which are special economic zones which offer tax incentives.  Regulations differ depending on which free zone you use.  These generally are developed for specific sectors and industries.  Therefore, specific advice should be obtained before a decision is made regarding the best free zone to use, but generally these allow 100% foreign ownership and there are no public registers of shareholders or directors.

Earlier this year His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum established the Dubai Free Zones Council in order to develop the free zones and attract more investment.

The International Business Company or IBC is the most popular offshore company formation in Dubai, however unless incorporated in the Jebel Ali Free Zone it cannot hold property in Dubai.

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