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Corporate Advantages

Dubai inherently has a lot going for it as an offshore location.  Dubai is recognised as a most important regional hub being the cross roads between the Middle East, North and East Africa and the Indian subcontinent.  After becoming independent from Britain its strong trading ties with both China and India meant that it was a prime location for businesses forced to relocate after civil unrest in neighbouring countries drawn by its wealth and stability.

However, Dubai did not lay back and take what had come naturally for granted they invested heavily into infrastructural development and expansion ensuring an economy that did not rely on oil or trade.

Dubai has a distinct advantage over other offshore jurisdictions.  Through its strong economy and political influence it has been able to maintain a respectable reputation without having to make concessions under pressure from western countries.

By not making these concessions Dubai has managed to promote an offshore environment which offers a western style model of business with various professional firms along with tax free incentives.

A summary of the main corporate advantages of Dubai are;

- A Dubai Company is tax-free on business activity performed outside of the UAE
- Dubai has a reputable image in business and offshore circles
- The offshore business solutions being offered there are tailored towards international business and banking
- No public registers of directors or shareholders
- Dubai is not a member of the European Union and therefore is not controlled and obliged to introduce certain disclosure regulations
- Dubai is known for its respect of confidentiality and privacy as well as its strong protective legislation
- All documentation is provided in English

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