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Chesterfield Group new offices in Cyprus


Chesterfield our proud to announce that we have moved location to our new office, which has been tailored to our requirements.
The office was purchased as just a structural building in 2011 and a lot of work has gone into the design to ensure that whilst being practical when it comes to the operation of our business it is also aesthetically pleasing and modern to convey the correct image of our company and so the move has been eagerly anticipated by all of our staff.

The new building has all the latest in security, IT and communications to accommodate our business needs and reflect our policy to excel when it comes to servicing our clients in all areas. In particular the investment into these electronic systems shows our commitment to our clients affairs to ensure that not only are they handled to the highest professionalism by our experienced staff, but that our office environment reflects this whilst ensuring the utmost levels of confidentiality. 
The office is located on the outskirts of Limassol in the Mesa Geitonia area which is easily accessible by car. 

Our investment into this new building and the IT systems reflects our desire to ensure that Chesterfield are top of the market in all aspects concerning our business not only our accomplished professionalism.

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