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Benefits of a BVI Company

The BVI is one of the most popular jurisdictions for offshore formation and when you look at all the advantages it has to offer you can easily see why.

The Government in the BVI adopted a very positive approach to offshore incorporation to encourage financial business to the islands. This is an approach that they maintain today constantly striving to improve on the regulations not only to adapt to the constantly changing regulatory environment, but also to improve their company and trust laws to make them more adaptable to business needs.

The benefits are indeed numerous, but the main advantages can be summarised below;

- Stable and prosperous economy
- Political stability
- World recognised currency
- English speaking environment
- Fast incorporation, can be as little as 1-2 days
- Various corporate vehicles to choose from
- Tax-exempt status from all local taxes and stamp duty
- No capital gains tax, inheritance tax or death duties
- No income tax on dividends, interest, royalties, rents or compensation
- No foreign exchange controls
- Annual fixed fee
- Double taxation treaties
- Confidentiality – no public records
- Easy adaptable company laws/no strange complicated regulations
- Less paperwork than other jurisdictions
- AGM’s can be held anywhere in the world
- No nationality or resident requirements for company officers
- Ability to have sole director and shareholder (this can also be a corporation)
- Ability to have multiple classes of shares
- Shares can be issued with or without a par value
- There are multiple share types and these can be denominated in any currency including more than one currency
- Experienced professionals such as lawyers
- Highly recognised jurisdiction with familiar paperwork to banks and so bank accounts can be opened anywhere in the world

So whereas offshore companies are generally associated with being able to save a few pennies on tax liabilities, something that the BVI does have to offer you can see that there is much more to it than that. With the BVI you can incorporate a company quickly and economically that will be able to be adapted to your business needs, this is not something that can always be done in an onshore environment.

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