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Bahamas Offshore Services

The Bahamas consists of over 700 islands in the Atlantic Ocean southeast of the US state of Florida. It is famed as the site of Columbus’s first landfall in the New World in 1492. Its capital is Nassau which is located on the island of New Providence.
The history is full of threat from the Spanish, but they never managed to colonize the Bahamas and this was settled by the English, hence the reason for the official language of English and the legal system being based on English Common Law. The Bahamas became a Crown Colony in 1718 and in 1973 became a fully independent Commonwealth realm, whilst retaining membership in the Commonwealth of Nations. The British Parliament had previously authorized the islands as self-governing in 1964.
The Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the America’s coming third behind the United States and Canada. The main industry of the Bahamas is tourism although the financial sector is the second most important aspect of the economy with the government adopting incentives to encourage foreign financial business, the impact of the global financial crisis on the Bahamas has been limited.
Corporate Advantages of the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a long establish popular destination for offshore formation. It has a stable political system and is English speaking.
It is exempt from practically all taxes and therefore has no double taxation treaties as there is no requirement for them.

It has strived to become a well-respected jurisdiction whilst retaining many of the benefits that make it so popular –  Learn more about the benefits of a Bahamas company

Bahamas Registry and Laws

The Registrar General’s Department is the department responsible for all the various filing in the Bahamas. This is not just related to business, but includes civil areas like births and marriages also. Company documents have to be filed with the Registrar for Business.
The principal corporate legislation now used is the International Business Companies Act 2000. This was originally modelled on the British Virgin Islands (BVI) IBC Act, although it has been revised several times since its introduction. – Learn more about the Bahamas Registry and Laws

Bahamas Banks

The Bahamas hosts a wide arrear of banks from local domestic banks to large international banks from over thirty countries
The amount of respected banks in the jurisdiction and its long standing financial base make the banks in The Bahamas very experienced in the offshore financial sector and able to offer numerous banking solutions to fit your needs. – Learn more about Bahamas Banks 

Bahamas VAT

The Bahamian Government has announced plans to introduce VAT as of July 2014. They have stated that this will offset reductions in import duty rates that will accompany the Bahamas accession to the World Trade Organisation. – Learn more about the proposed legislation

Typical Bahamas Structures

The Bahamas have developed their legislation to be a top contender when considering an offshore company keeping with the times and offering numerous different structures to suit any business needs – Learn more about Typical Bahamas structures
They have also done this for their Trusts ensuring that they have very comprehensive legislation to protect trusts and their assets whilst also being able to offer a diverse choice of trusts to suit any purpose – Learn more about Bahamas Trusts 

Bahamas Intellectual Property

The Bahamas have several laws in respect of intellectual property and yet despite this are currently undergoing formalities to introduce new legislation with regards to IP – Learn more about Bahamas Intellectual Property

Residency in the Bahamas

The Bahamas unlike some other tropical islands encourages foreign nationals to take up home providing that they can contribute to the Islands.

There are three different levels of residency in the Bahamas;
- Annual Residence Permit
- Annual Home Owner Residence Card
- Permanent residency
Learn more about residency in the Bahamas

Chesterfield and the Bahamas
Chesterfield have years of experience when it comes to both setting up a Bahamas company and administering them. We are familiar with all the laws, paperwork and structures involved and are in an excellent position to give you the sound advice required when considering incorporating a Bahamas Offshore company.
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