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Typical Gibraltar Structures

One of the most popular uses for a Gibraltar company is asset holding.  This can be a variety of things the most common being property or investments and can be a single asset or multiple assets.  For this purpose it is usual to use a non-resident Gibraltar company, although it should be noted that this must be owned, managed and controlled by non-residents of Gibraltar, it must not trade or carry out business in Gibraltar and it must not remit income into Gibraltar.  Unlike other jurisdictions Gibraltar does not distinguish between holding companies and companies used for any other purpose they are all subject to the same favourable tax legislation and rules already covered in our article on Corporate Advantages of Gibraltar – please follow this link for more information

Gibraltar classifies companies as either public or private.  Private companies have restrictions on the shares including inviting the public to subscribe to shares.

Since the introduction of UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) legislation by the European Union in order to allow unity and simplicity when dealing with fund investment in Europe, Gibraltar has been in a strong position being one of the few more favourable offshore jurisdictions that is also a member of the EU and so a good choice for persons looking to use their offshore structures for investment in Europe.  When coupled with its attractive tax regime meaning that income derived from outside of Gibraltar is not liable for income tax providing it is not banked in Gibraltar this is a very attractive option indeed.

If you would like to know more about how structuring a company or companies in Gibraltar could lead to benefits for you please do not hesitate to follow the link below or call us on our offices Telephone Number: 44 20 7097 1385 or Contact Us

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