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Residency in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands has very strict rules on residency. In fact you cannot even be considered for a permanent residency application until you have lived in the territory for a period of twenty years. During that time you can only be absent from the territory for ninety days in any calendar year with exceptions for education and illness. Even then the paperwork involved is quite vigorous and the BVI government only allows twenty five people per year to become resident.

If you are not a naturalized citizen or holder of a certificate of residency in the BVI then you must obtain a work permit if intending to enter employment. Work permits can be initially granted for a period of five years after such time you and your family are required to move off the island until you apply for a work permit again. Work permits are granted only if your employer can prove that no one else can fill the position. You should have a letter from the Labour Department which would be sent to your prospective employer confirming their approval of your employment before you enter the BVI. As well as this letter you will also require two copies of your police records and a certificate of good health.

British Virgin Islands citizens are classed as British citizens and have been since 2002 with full British citizenship. The territory is not part of the European Union and therefore not subject to its laws although its citizens are deemed to be citizens of the EU as well.

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