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Residency and Registration in Holland

The Dutch authorities may be viewed as being very bureaucratic and for the first time IT contractor in Holland these often seem very unclear and the reason that some of these may apply to you is because you are working at a Dutch enterprise. At Chesterfield Management we will guide you through the processes some of which will be required under the contract with the agency so that they will pay for your services.

You have an automatic right to work and does not need a work permit in the Netherlands if you have a valid EU17/EFTA or Swiss Passport or national identification card and many of our contractors are in this category. This means you can work without restriction if you hold a passport from; the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Nationals of the newer EU member countries such as Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia are also entitled to work without restriction.

Restrictions apply for nationals of Bulgaria and Romania who are still required to obtain work permits, and. The Netherlands requires Bulgarian and Romanian workers to obtain a work permit, but will issue permits provided no workers are available in the Netherlands or other EU countries. This transitional period in which these restrictions apply, is expected to continue until the 31st of December 2013.

All other nationalities must obtain a work permit in order to be able to take up a contract or employment in Holland, and with the enlargement of the EU, it has become more difficult to obtain a work permit. 

It is a requirement of most agency contracts in Holland that you operate an Umbrella Company who becomes your employer and this means that once you arrive in Holland that you need to begin the process of registration so your payments can be dealt with in the most tax efficient way. What it means for most contractors is that they and family members who accompany must register on the population register in Municipality Administration (GBA) where you live. 

Next on the list is local registration. There are a number of residency and immigration procedures that need to be followed in order that you can handle the various administrative tasks that are part of living and contracting in Holland. Some countries, such as the UK and Ireland, are very relaxed about registration if you relocate to them but Holland is more bureaucratic. 

EU nationals must first register with their local Alien Police registration office (Vreemdelingenpolitie) within 8 days of arrival. If you arrive in Holland intending to look for work to take advantage of the free movement of labour within the EU then you should present your passport at the Alien Police Registration Office. 

EU nationals contracting in the Netherlands and who hold a Dutch Residence permit have the same rights as Dutch Nationals with regard to pay, working conditions, and access to housing, vocational training, social security and other rights. These rights are extended to their families and dependants who join them.

Any individual who is employed in the Netherlands has a social-fiscal number. A SoFi/BSN (Burger Service Nummer – BSN) number is required for tax and social security purposes and can be obtained from the tax office closest to where you are working. 

You will need to go to the tax office in person to collect your SoFi/BSN number and you will need to present your passport. The SoFi/BSN number must be issued prior to submitting your application for the 30% allowance. 

To register at Municipality Administration (GBA) you will need:
1. Passport, together with a clear copy
2. Copy of your rental agreement or purchase contract of the property in the Netherlands. If your accommodation is paid for by someone else then you will need them to provide a written statement of the rental value.
3. Birth certificate, marriage certificate, change of name certificate and divorce certificate, as applicable of all family members

To register at the IND you will need
1. A copy of your Employment Agreement
2. Proof of Health Insurance
3. Your Passport 

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