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Residency in Gibraltar

Persons wishing to live in Gibraltar fall into four categories;

- Gibraltarians and British subjects employed in Her Majesty’s Service or in the service of the Gibraltar Government. – these are entitled to reside in Gibraltar without holding any form of permit at all.

- Spouses of Gibraltarians.  This is different for men and woman.  Men are entitled to a residence permit whilst woman do not have an automatic entitlement, although this is usually granted if her husband is living in Gibraltar.

- EU Nationals. - An EEA national can enter Gibraltar and remain there for three months.  Residence must be registered during or after this period.  They are granted six months to look for employment.  Once employment is obtained residency can still be refused if the person is contrary to public policy or security.  Residency Permits are usually issued for five years, although if there is an employment contract for less than twelve months then the residency permit may be limited to the length of employment.  If you lose your employment regardless that your residency permit is for five years you have another six months in which to obtain alternative employment.  High Net Worth Individuals can apply for residency that does not rely on employment providing they meet certain requirements, mainly that they will not become a public burden.

- Non EU Nationals. – Residency Permits are granted on the basis of work permits and normally only run for a period of one year.  If at any point the employment is terminated a short period if afforded in which alternative employment is to be sought.  High Net Worth Individuals can apply for residency that does not rely on employment, but again this is more stringent than for an EU National who merely has to show that they will not be a public burden.  Non EU Nationals must meet various certain requirements.

Gibraltar is a popular destination for High Net Worth Individuals as it is relatively untouched by the recession and has a government that is not over bearing.  It is also a member of the EU and has various tax incentives that make it a fairly popular choice when considering a second home.

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