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Netflix Expansion into Europe


Netflix has launched in Belgium and Luxembourg as of 19th September 2014 concluding a busy week where it had also launched in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. 
Netflix is the world’s biggest internet television network with around fifty million subscribers worldwide.  Netflix allows broadband users via streaming to watch Hollywood movies as well as a selection of local and global TV series on a variety of electrical equipment including TVs, tablets, phones, games consoles and computers.
Netflix began its expansion into Europe in September 2012 beginning with the UK and Ireland and progressing to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland later that year.  It also launched in the Netherlands in 2013.
Due to the varying rules of each country programming will largely depend on where you live, for example in France television services are forbidden from airing a film until three years after it has appeared in cinemas.
It is expected that the expansion will not end there and countries in Europe that are not currently covered by the company will be eager to know where the next launches will take place.

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