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Mauritius Trusts

All Mauritian Trusts are governed by the Trust Act 2001, this is recognised as a modern legislation which has been drafted by prominent lawyers.  No register of trusts is maintained in Mauritius.  Mauritian Trusts are deemed to be irrevocable unless the Trust Instrument states otherwise.  A Trust is exempt from income tax in Mauritius as long as the settlor and the beneficiaries are non-resident.  

A Mauritian Trust can elect to be tax resident in Mauritius and hold a global business licence, therefore it would be able to take advantage of the numerous double tax treaties in place in Mauritius.  One of the major advantages of a Mauritius trust is that forced heirship rules only relate to trusts settled by Mauritius subjects or relating to assets situated in Mauritius and therefore subject to Mauritius laws.

There are a variety of trusts available in Mauritius;

- Discretionary Trusts.  These are of particular interest in the offshore environment as the trustees are the legal owners of any assets.  This provides a level of distance between the original Settlor and Potential Beneficiaries meaning that tax implications arising from the existence of the trust may be beneficial.
- Protective Trusts.  These may assist in asset protection in the case of insolvency.
- Charitable Trusts.  The purpose of this trust has to meet one of the specified criteria.
- Purpose Trust.  This can be created for a purpose without the appointment of beneficiaries.  Its purpose must be reasonable and specific.  
- General Trust.  This must state in writing the intention of the trust, the assets transferred to the trust, the duration of the Trust and its objective.

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