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Mauritius Residency

Mauritius is keen to attracted foreign capital to the country having offered tax incentives to foreign investors for some time.  Another way in which they do that is by offering a Permanent Residence Scheme for eligible foreign businessmen.

In order to be eligible for this scheme you will need to invest a minimum of USD$500,000.  Once applied you will not need work or residence permits.  You can then also apply for permanent residence for immediate members of your family.
Business Activities which qualify under the scheme are;

- Manufacturing
- Operational headquarters of multinational companies
- Hotel, tourism and related services
- Freeport Operations
- Financial Services
- Information Technology
- Agro-based Industry
- Concession Projects
- Fishing and Marine Resources
- Film Production

You will need approval of the investment either into a qualifying business activity or in a duly approved fund in order to submit your application for Permanent Residency.
An investor who becomes a permanent resident under the scheme may apply for citizenship after meeting all the provision of the Mauritius Citizenship Act (1968).
Another option is the Integrated Resort Scheme.  This allows foreigners who have acquired luxury villas under the scheme to reside in Mauritius for as long as they hold the property.
There is also the Scheme to Attract Professionals for Emerging Sectors.  This is designed to attract persons with certain skills to work and live in Mauritius in order that the country can continue to provide the high level of professional services.

Sectors under this scheme include the following;

- Information & Communication Technology
- Financial Services
- Any other sector approved by the Board of Investment

Mauritius with its tropical environment and picturesque beaches is an idyllic place to live if you were of a mind to settle somewhere abroad and could meet the above criteria.

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