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Mauritius Registry

The Corporate and Business Registration Department in Mauritius is an award winning government department.  It currently holds the following achievements, Grand winner of the Public Service Excellence Award 2006, Public Service Excellence Award 2011, Public Service Excellence award 2012 and winner in the categories of Effectiveness and Efficiency and Leadership and Team Spirit.

It administers entities formed under the following acts and is the sole place where information can be obtained on them.

- The Companies Act 2001
- The Business Registration Act 2002
- The Insolvency Act 2009
- The Limited Partnerships Act 2011
- The Foundations Act 2012

Mauritius is a highly respected regulated jurisdiction and companies are regulated by the Financial Services Commission.  This covers the non-bank financial services sector.  It is committed to the sustained development of Mauritius as a Financial Services Centre by ensuring that the high standards currently in place are adhered to.

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