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Mauritius Corporate Advantages

There are reasons why Mauritius went from being a small agricultural island to a highly respected financial centre.

Geographically it is a perfect gateway between Africa and Asia with a time zone that suits both the west and the east being GMT+ 4.  Its friendly ties with countries from all over the world further assist with this relationship.
It has a modern infrastructure with flexible corporate and commercial laws.  It is home to many of the big name banks and professional organisations.  In addition it ranks very high with a number of different organisations with regards to doing business due to its efficiency combined with flexibility and competitiveness. 

As well as its political stability and business minded attitude Mauritius boasts of a number of commercial advantages such as;

- No exchange controls
- No capital gains tax
- No inheritance tax
- No withholding tax on the payment of dividends, interest or royalties by Mauritius companies.
- No stamp duty
- No capital duty

In addition to all this Mauritius companies when properly structured can offer a high level of privacy and are relatively swift to incorporate.

It is easy to see why Mauritius has become such a popular jurisdiction for company incorporation. For more information regarding the benefits to incorporating a Mauritius offshore company or a company anywhere else worldwide please follow the link below or call us on our offices 

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