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Mauritus Structures

There are two types of Mauritius companies available.

Category 2 Global Business Company (GBC 2).  This is governed by the Companies Act 2001 and is a resident company which conducts business outside of Mauritius.  A GBC 2 is non-resident for tax purposes, which means it is tax exempt and cannot take advantage of the double tax treaties in place in Mauritius.  A GBC2 cannot hold property in Mauritius or conduct business in Mauritius.  It can open and maintain a bank account in Mauritius as long as it is in foreign currencies and not the Mauritian Rupee.  There is no public record of shareholders, directors or beneficial owners and so confidentiality is a big advantage of this type of company.  There are several business activities that GBC 2’s are not allowed to engage in, but these are mostly related to banking/financial industries and offshore management.  Formation is swift generally taking 2-3 days.

Category 1 Global Business Company (GBC 1).  A GBC 1 is governed by the Companies Act 2001 and can take a variety of forms and is considered to be tax resident in Mauritius, therefore it must be centrally managed and controlled from Mauritius.  This means that it is subject to corporation tax of 15%, but can however take advantage of the numerous double taxation treaties which Mauritius currently has in place.  The principal bank account must be maintained in Mauritius and audited accounts are required to be filed annually.  A GBC 1 takes an average of 3-4 weeks to incorporate.

Depending on your requirements Mauritius can be the ideal jurisdiction to structure your offshore company to maximise profits whilst meeting all your administrative needs.  Chesterfield is on hand with professional advice regarding structuring and can come up with the right solution for you.

For more information regarding getting the correct structure for your Mauritius offshore company or anywhere else worldwide please follow the link below or call us on our offices Telephone Number: 44 20 7097 1385 or Contact Us

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