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Mauritius Banking

One of the reasons that Mauritius has achieved its reputation as a financial centre is due to its banking system.  Mauritius not only boasts of local banks, but also hosts some of the most prominent banks in the World such as HSBC and Barclays.  

Bank accounts can be opened in all major currencies as well as the local currency which is the Mauritius Rupee.  Due to the level of professional competition and the increasing needs of businesses banking services in Mauritius are highly diversified and continually improving to meet requirements.

The Mauritius Bankers Association Limited exists to ensure competitive and responsible banking in Mauritius looking after the interest of its members.  It also serves to study questions and problems relating to banking and strive to improve facilities. 

With its financial system being the most sophisticated on the continent it means that Mauritius has taken the lead in being Africa’s international financial hub.

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