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Jersey Structures

Being a long established jurisdiction Jersey prides itself on keeping up to the times with offering not only a wide arrear of current products, but being able to provide the expertise and specialists in the field in order to offer a quality service whatever the client’s needs. Types of products available are;
Limited Liability companies - are by far the most popular business structure in Jersey. The reason that they are preferred is that the beneficial owners are not held personally liable for any business depts. A Jersey based limited liability company run by non-residents will only have to pay income tax on income made on the Island.

Jersey Public Companies – a public company either has more than thirty members or declares in their memorandum of association that it is public. Only public companies may offer their shares for subscription to the public. They are required to file audited accounts.

Jersey General Partnerships – there is no requirement to register details of a partnership. The liability of each partner is unlimited though so you need to be careful when entering into these without prior mapped out relationship guidelines.

Jersey Protected Cell Companies – it is now possible in Jersey to have Incorporated Cell companies, this new legislation includes being able to form separate legally recognised cells within the overall structure in which each cell will be established as a separated incorporated Jersey company as opposed to being combined as one legal entity. These are mostly used for investment purposes.

Foundations – Jersey was the first of the Crown Dependencies to bring in a foundation product. They are often considered a hybrid between a trust and a company. Foundations can migrate in and out of Jersey. Existing Jersey companies can convert to foundations. Foundations must have clearly set regulations. A foundation must have a council to administer the assets.

Funds – Jersey has numerous types of funds to choose from. To enter into this expert advice from one of our technical specialists should be sort beforehand.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg of what Jersey has to offer, if you are considering a Jersey structure you can contact one of our technical experts who will be able to advice on the best structure and product for you.

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