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Isle of Man Benefits

The main reason that people look to the Isle of Man when considering incorporating an offshore company is because of its strong reputation as an established international business and finance centre in a low tax jurisdiction with a reputable regulatory environment that is independent of the UK.

However, the Isle of Man has numerous advantages to attract investment and offshore incorporations to its shores, such as its business attitude with Isle of Man being ranked fourth for most business friendly region in Europe.

Tax Advantages of the Isle of Man;

- 0% corporate income tax (dependant on certain circumstances for example companies engaged in banking or Isle of Man property transactions may be subject to a 10% tax rate)
- Dividends made to non-residents are taxed at 0%
- No withholding tax
- No capital gains tax
- No stamp duty
- No thin capitalisation rules
- Losses can be carried forward indefinitely provided a continuity of business test is satisfied. There are also provisions for loss relief within groups of companies
- Double tax relief is available for foreign tax paid
- No inheritance tax

Other Advantages of the Isle of Man;

- There are no exchange controls or other financial restraints imposed on an Isle of Man company
- Isle of Man has shown that the government is agile and responsive so change can be delivered faster than in larger jurisdictions
- Excellent telecoms infrastructure and broadband coverage
- Political and economic stability
- Long established legal system
- Sophisticated and extensive banking system

The Isle of Man most certainly has a lot to offer when considering incorporating an offshore company its adaptable government are constantly striving to retain its excellent reputation and keep it an attractive place for the setting up of an Isle of Man company. 

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