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Isle of Man Registry

The Isle of Man Companies Registry has been in existence since 1865. Responsibility for the Companies Registry was transferred to the Financial Supervision Commission in April 2000. The Companies Registry maintains the register and records of all companies incorporated in the Isle of Man and has provides access for the public to view documents which have been filed.

The main functions of the Companies Registry are to;
- Maintain the register and records of companies incorporated in the Isle of Man
- Provide access of information to the public
- Ensure filing requirements are met and take action where they are not
- Dissolve or deregister businesses

Company law is separate and additional to the requirements for submission of documents to the regulators. The first Companies Act was enacted in 1865 following on from the first company legislation in the UK in 1862. The current legislation is based on the Companies Consolidation Act of 1931 although there have been several amendments as the Isle of Man strives to keep its corporate products modern and in line with current business expectations. Current companies are incorporated under the Companies Acts 1931 to 2004.

The Financial Supervision Commission’s functions are described in the Financial Services Act 2008 and all aspects of the financial services industry are regulated by Government Agencies. The Isle of Man’s reputation is based on the fact that that their legal profession in practising law is to the highest standard combined with its well established and yet adaptable laws make it is serious contender in the financial industry for such a small island.
As the Isle of Man prides itself on this reputation companies must be managed to the highest standard of professionalism. 

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