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Isle of Man Funds

There has been rapid expansion in the fund sector in the Isle of Man with various new specialist fund administration operations being set up. The Isle of Man is a popular choice for fund administration for a number of reasons such as its ability to incorporate, domicile and administer funds all in one jurisdiction, the fact that it has established global fund players such as HSBC and Fortis and of course its attractive tax incentives such as zero corporation tax and a tax liability cap of 100k per annum.

The Isle of Man has various fund schemes to offer, such as;
- Authorised Scheme
- Regulated Fund
- Qualifying Fund
- Specialist Fund
- Exempt Scheme
- Recognised Scheme
- Overseas Scheme
- Closed-Ended Funds
- Alternative Fund Domicile
- Exempt International Schemes
- Mutual Funds
- Professional Investor Funds

Some of these are registered and some are not. Each has its own advantages and set of rules. So whereas it is nice to have a choice, choosing the correct fund in the Isle of Man is not always straight forward.
Chesterfield are on hand to offer professional advice in order to get the right fund structure for you. Contact us for more information

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