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Ireland one of the Top countries to invest in Europe


Dublin and Limerick have been named as two of the top cities in which to invest in Europe by The Global Best to Invest Report.  The same report has cited Ireland as the best Western European country to invest in.

This has come on top of a series of reports that have all ranked Ireland extremely well, such as;

- In the 2014 index of Economic Freedom Ireland ranked ninth in the world and second in Europe
- In the 2013 Globalisation Index Ireland ranked third most globalised nation
- In the 2014 World Bank’s Doing Business report Ireland ranked fifteenth out of 189 economies for doing business
- In the 2014 paying taxes report Ireland was voted the most effective country in Europe and sixth most effective in the world
- In the 2013 Forbes report Ireland ranked first in best countries for business
- In the 2013 IMD World competitive Yearbook Ireland ranked third on the list for availability of skilled labour
- In the 2013 IMD World competitive Yearbook Ireland ranked ninth for having and educational system which can meet the needs of a competitive economy