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Gibraltar VAT

Gibraltar is in the unique position of whilst being a member of the EU is not part of the Customs Union so is not obliged to charge VAT, hence why there is no VAT in Gibraltar, which is a somewhat attractive advantage when doing business there.

There is however an Import duty.  Items like tobacco, Alcohol and perfumes can be duty free depending on the amount purchased, although it should be noted that persons who regularly enter Gibraltar are not entitled to duty free importation.   Items under the total value of £32 are also not liable to tax.   Whilst most other items are charged at 12%, there is a reduced rate of 6% on various objects.

There is no stamp duty or transfer tax on the transfer of shares in a Gibraltar company unless this is relating to real estate.  The following rates apply for property;

- If the property value does not exceed £160,000 the rate is zero
- If the property value is between £160,000 and £250,000 the rate is 1.26%
- If the property value is between £250,000 and £350,000 the rate is 1.6%
- If the property value exceeds £350,000 then the rate is 2.5%

All of the above put Gibraltar in a very favourable tax position when compared to other EU member states.

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