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Gibraltar Registry and Laws

The Companies House in Gibraltar is responsible for incorporating and dissolving companies, examining and holding documents given to it under the Companies Act and making information available to the public.  Every Gibraltar company must have a registered office in Gibraltar at which the statutory documents of the company are kept.

Companies in Gibraltar are registered under the Gibraltar Companies Ordinance, and are primarily governed by the Companies Ordinance (1930) which is based on the UK’s Companies Act 1929, which was adapted to suit Gibraltar and has been amended from time to time to keep up with developments in the offshore environment, including EU directives.

The following types of companies are available in Gibraltar;

- Limited by shares.  This can be either a private company where the minimum number of shareholders is one or a public company where the minimum number of shareholders is seven.
- Limited by guarantee, with or without share capital
- Unlimited, with or without share capital

Sole directors are permitted in Gibraltar providing this is not a public company, these can be corporate. 

All limited companies are required to file accounts with the Companies House.  If a company is doing business with residents of Gibraltar then accounts must be submitted to the tax authorities, these accounts are not available to the public.

Each company is required to submit an annual return.  This must contain details of the shareholders, directors and the capital of the company.  This information is open to public inspection, however it is Chesterfield’s policy to act as both shareholders and directors of companies under our management thus further protecting our client’s confidentiality.

Gibraltar is able to offer many benefits which are not available in other jurisdictions.  For example, subject to certain restrictions a company may be registered as a European company, this gives it additional respect and recognition in other European States.
The new Government in Gibraltar has pledged to replace the Companies Act (1930) as soon as possible with a revised and consolidated act which should further improve Gibraltar’s position as a well regulated, modern and respected jurisdiction.

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