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Foundations Administration

Introduction to Foundation Administration

There are different types of foundations available.  Chesterfield has a diverse and experienced team of skilled administrators with extensive knowledge of each of these. 

Some Foundations act like a trust but operate like a company.  A Foundation council usually manages the assets of the Foundation and keeps the beneficiaries informed.  It can be a requirement for some members of the council to have restrictions such as required residency of the Foundation location.

It is often feasible to custom design a Foundation for a particular structure and a number of advancements in the design of Foundations have evolved over the years to make them a flexible component in a structure provided the correct jurisdiction is chosen.

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Foundation Officers

Chesterfield provides officers who control the majority of client foundations which we manage.  We have the ability to run all types of foundation and our foundation council service is second to none.

Accountancy Services

Chesterfield supply various accountancy services tailored to the needs of our clients and regulatory requirements.  Our accounting department can provide many services including bookkeeping and production of year end accounts as well as any tax returns which may be required. 

Other Services

We have good relationships with a number of banks worldwide and can set up various facilities, please see our banking page for more details.  We also have extensive property expertise which is detailed in our property pages.

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