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European Health Insurance card


A frequent question by first time contractors is , whether or not they will be covered by the public health system in the country they are visiting. The European commission co ordinate the European Health insurance card , where card holders who are insured or covered by the statutory social security scheme in their country of residence can receive medical treatment in another member state at a free or a reduced cost.

The EHIC replaced the following schemes , E110 for international road haulers E111 for tourist E119 for job seekers and E1128 for students and workers in another state. The cards are available for free from the Health authority in country of residence , and in the UK, this is the NHS. 
Public Heath care systems vary and to obtain Health care , you have to go to the nearest Health care system and present your card to the local public hospital or local public doctor or medical centre and present your card. There can also be some element of payment involved for health service. 
The scheme does not replace private medical insurance and normally just covers basic medical care r that is available to residents of the country you are visiting. Some types of treatment , such as pregnancy etc can be excluded the scheme discourages those who visit a country purely to obtain medical treatment and is intended for treatment that comes necessary during a visit a illness or an accident or a chronic condition , such as kidney dialysis.
Eligibility for a card is determined by the system in operation of your country of origin.
In the United Kingdom all residents , who are part of the national insurance system qualify for care under the NHS ,and would be eligible for a card. In Romania. If you are linked to the Social security system in more than one EU/ EEA State you will need to contact the Health authorities to determent your eligible. 
There are 31 European countries participating in this scheme. The European Economic Area is the 27 member states of the European Union the four member states of the European Free Trade Association plus Switzerland. The card does not cover you everywhere and some countries such as Monaco and Andorra are not part of the EU and the EHIC is not acceptable there. 
Here is a link for all they EEA (European economic area countries) applications. Some private websites advertise processing of applications that people can make themselves. But here is the official link

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