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Privacy Statement
24 May 2018
Last updated: May 24, 2018 ...more
Limassol Corporate Marathon
29 March 2016
Limassol is soon to host its annual corporate 5km marathon on the 10th April 2016, which is the largest corporate team race on the island.(Organized by OPAP)
Nick Liassou - New staff member at Chesterfield Management Limited
18 October 2013
Chesterfield would like to introduce you to our newest member of staff – Nick Liassou. ...more
Chesterfield Group new offices in Cyprus
18 May 2013
Chesterfield our proud to announce that we have moved location to our new office, which has been tailored to our requirements.
The office was purchased as just a structural building in 2011 and a lot of work has gone into the design to ensure that whilst being practical when it comes to the operation of our business it is also aesthetically pleasing and modern to convey the correct image of our company and so the move has been eagerly anticipated by all of our staff.
Cyprus signs Double Tax Treaty with Spain
28 February 2013
On Thursday the 14 of February 2013 at the residence of Spain’s Ambassador in Nicosia, Cyprus and Spain signed a new income tax treaty. This is expected to come in force on the 1st of January of the year following the ratification process by the governments of both countries. ...more
Look at large companies tax minimization
09 December 2012
Over the past few months there have been various big names that have come under scrutiny by the press for not paying sufficient taxes in the UK.  Among them are Starbucks, Google and Amazon.  It is important to firstly establish that what they are doing is not Tax Evasion, which is illegal, but rather Tax Avoidance using the rules  in the current legal system, or as some people prefer to refer to it Tax Minimization which all businesses correctly try to optimize when  it comes time to claim on r ...more
Chesterfield Group Corporate Newsletter November 2012
29 November 2012
The BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act 2012 and the BVI Business Companies Regulations 2012 were introduced to the BVI’s Parliament in May and June 2012 and have now come into effect as of 15 October 2012. ...more
Cyprus Signs New Tax Treaty With Ukraine
19 November 2012
Cyprus and the Ukraine have had a treaty in place now for thirty years, since 1982. According to Ukraine statistics, Cyprus in a major contributor in the growth of foreign direct investment to the country. Due to this and the length of time since the original treaty the Ukraine Government authorized the conclusion of a new treaty in February 2007. After much deliberation on both sides in late 2011 it was approved and finally signed into law on 8 November 2012 during a visit of the Ukraine Presid ...more

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