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Corporate advantages of Jersey

Jersey has an active offshore environment that very much belies its small size. It enjoys the unique advantage of whilst having the reputation of political stability and respectability which comes with being associated with the United Kingdom and consequently Europe, it is in fact a completely separate entity and self-governing. Jersey is committed to maintaining its reputation and so does have a high standard of regulations.

Jersey is a long established jurisdiction, which has toned its expertise in the area leading to a large number of banks and other firms in the sector having a strong handle of the industry and able to offer a more competent standard of business in relation to the offshore area. The banking sector in Jersey is not only highly evolved and geared towards the offshore industry, but also have capital adequacy levels far exceeding other jurisdictions.

The fact that Jersey has continued to show growth over the last few years even in the midst of what has been termed as ‘global crisis’ is a sure sign of the confidence it cultivates from investors.

Location is another benefit, being so close to the UK and the rest of Europe, time zones are not an issue when doing business in these areas. 
Then of course we come to taxes, which is usually one of the major factors in the decision making process of where to set-up your offshore company. Jersey most certainly has an attractive tax regime when it comes to corporate.
- No capital gains tax
- No capital transfer tax
- No purchase tax
- 0% general rate of tax for corporate entities, this is 10% for specified financial companies

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