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Corporate Advantages of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a reputable offshore jurisdiction which has a number of favourable aspects that make it an attractive choice when looking to establish an offshore company, such as;

- Good geographical location providing close proximity access to Mediterranean Europe and North Africa
- English and Spanish languages widely used
- Excellent infrastructure and communications
- A wide variety of highly educated professionals and banks geared towards the offshore industry
- No exchange controls
- Numerous favourable tax benefits with the correct structuring

There are a number of British Isles that enjoy a highly reputable and stable place in the offshore environment, however Gibraltar being part of the EU is able to offer passporting rights and access to the single European Market.

As well as the above benefits, Gibraltar also has the following tax advantages;

- Corporate Tax rate of just 10% (if the income does not arise or is received in Gibraltar this will not be liable)
- No capital gains tax
- No inheritance tax
- No wealth tax
- No gift tax
- No sales tax
- No VAT
- No estate duty

There is no taxation on dividends or interest paid by a Gibraltar company to non-resident recipients and withholding tax on dividends is generally at a 0% rate unless paid to resident companies.

Clearly when considering the options when you are looking to incorporate an offshore company, Gibraltar is a highly reputable competitive jurisdiction.  To find out more about incorporating an offshore Gibraltar company or a company in any other jurisdiction please follow the link below or call us on our offices  Telephone Number: 44 20 7097 1385 or Contact Us

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