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Bahamas Registry and Laws

The Registrar General’s Department is the department responsible for all the various filing in the Bahamas. This is not just related to business, but includes civil areas like births and marriages also. Company documents have to be filed with the Registrar for Business.

The principal corporate legislation now used is the International Business Companies Act 2000. This was originally modelled on the British Virgin Islands (BVI) IBC Act, although it has been revised several times since its introduction.

Each Bahamian company must have a Registered Agent and Registered Office in the Bahamas. A copy of the Registrar of Directors and Officers must be filed with the Bahamas Registrar of Companies, new registers would have to be filed for any subsequent changes to the officers of the company. The details of the companies officers are public record, but the details of the beneficial owner are not. It is usual for when Chesterfield establishing a Bahamas company to use our in-house directors, this is for two reasons, it provides an additional layer of confidentiality between the client and the company and it also allows Chesterfield to deal with the more mundane paperwork and so freeing up the clients time to concentrate on more pressing matters.

Bahamian companies should have at least one shareholder although this can be a corporate shareholder. Again in the case of Chesterfield it is usual to use our nominee and have in place agreements with the end client. Bearer shares are no longer allowed.

There is no need in the Bahamas to file annual returns or audited accounts.

To learn more about registering a company in the Bahamas or any other jurisdiction please follow the link or call us on our offices Telephone Number: 44 20 7097 1385

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