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BVI Registry and Laws

The British Virgin Islands corporate sector is overseen by the Financial Services Commission. The Registry of Corporate affairs is the primary administrator of the BVI Business Companies Act and is responsible for registering BVI companies and maintaining the register of Companies.

The BVI International Business Companies Act 1984 and the BVI Companies Act (Cap 285) were replaced by the BVI Business Companies Act in 2004. This was due to the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission efforts to keep their business laws as modern and compliant as possible while developing a corporate law regime that is responsive to the needs of International Business. To stop other jurisdictions from simply copying their legislation like they had done to the earlier act the BVI has tied this into its territory’s regulatory structure making it difficult to copy though other jurisdictions have since refined their acts almost word for word. Much of the BVI’s success has been attributed to its firm legal foundation and corporate legislation.

The Financial Services Commission continues to monitor its laws checking against any problems that are encountered by business and the ever changing regulatory environment to ensure that both customers and regulators can get the best out of a BVI company. With this in mind several amendments have been made to the act. Chesterfield is keen to keep abreast of these changes and keep our valued customers informed. To learn more regarding these recent developments please refer to our related blogs and newsletters.

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